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See what Saskatchewan has to Offer!


Besides Jiujitsu, Saskatchewan's wild spaces are our passion. Exclusively lead by our Head Instructor Brock, we explore Saskatchewan's pristine Northern reaches the old fashion way... By Canoe.

Part of an active and healthy lifestyle always includes the outdoors. We like to explore it thoroughly and love the challenge of self propelled travel through the wilderness.

Not so Flat after All!

While Saskatchewan is forever characterized by flat endless prairie, few know just what a gem the northern portion of the province is. Beautiful lakes, rivers full of rapids and fast current, waterfalls, wildlife... Not to mention solitude!

Saskatchewan is one of the few places left in the world with as much untouched wilderness. With the right skills the old saying, "If you're Canadian, you can canoe trip" really is true.


What if I've never done this before?

Part of the theme behind this particular program is to further challenge yourself. Getting out into a new setting and working on new skills is how we all grow. It's the same on the mats as it is on the river. We take you through to critical skills and safety precautions, provide 90% of the gear needed, and pick trips suited to your skill level.

The outdoors is a place everyone should be able to enjoy if they wish. Our mission is to make it just a bit easier to give it a try.


Trips to Suit all Skill Levels

Once someone has given canoe tripping a try they can rarely resist another opportunity!

Trips are usually planned a year in advance. In order to join, you must be an active member of the Jiujitsu program and complete the basic skills workshop with our Trip Leader which includes basic canoe entry and exit, basic paddling skills, proper camping and clothing information, and what to expect while on the water with us.

*These are not guided trips. Everyone who participates is prepared for the effort required to complete the trip without incident. This is why we only take members along!*

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