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Regina's #1 Nogi Jiujitsu Academy


Who are we?

Expedition Brazilian Jiujitsu is a premier Brazilian  Jiujitsu academy in Regina, Saskatchewan and the city's #1 "Nogi"/ Submission Grappling academy. We incorporate the most up to date science on human movement and skill development to create the very best training environment.

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Programs for Kids and Adults

Brazilian Jiujitsu is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Besides the benefits of participating in a challenging activity, BJJ is accessible to everyone from a young age on to adulthood. The perfect time to begin is when you first decide to start. Self defence, weight loss, discipline, friendly community of training partners... the list of benefits is long.


What do we offer?

Brazilian Jiujitsu was popularized by the legendary Gracie Family from Brazil and proved it's effectiveness as a premier martial art for self defence in the early days of the UFC.


A grappling martial art, Brazilian Jiujitsu incorporates standing and ground grappling techniques to immobilize opponents and pursue "submissions," i.e. joint locks and strangles. Due to its wider focus, Brazilian Jiujitsu has similarities to Judo and Wrestling but achieves greater effectiveness for a wider range of age groups and body types by providing more freedom to experiment and make the art fit you as an individual.

The heart and soul of our academy can be found in our kids programs. BJJ is accessible and fun for kids of all ages providing a fun and safe environment to challenge themselves, build confidence, make friends and learn critical life skills.

Brazilian Jiujitsu is accessible to anyone. We offer classes in both the Gi (kimono) and Nogi (submission Grappling). Our academy has a slight focus on Nogi for adults over Gi training making us unique in the city! As the sport is rapidly moving towards a Nogi focus, we strive to offer the most modern jiujitsu experience for our students while retaining connection with the art's roots.

Our team of Instructors is here to provide you with the best possible BJJ experience. With over 30 years of combined experience teaching, training, and competing, our instructors are here to ensure you meet your goals whatever they may be.

Another element of Expedition BJJ that sets us apart from the rest! Our outdoor adventure program works to provide opportunities to experience what Saskatchewan's outdoors has to offer through Canoe Trips, Hiking Tips and more. For members only, this program is part of the heart of our academy. So much so we named the place after the pursuit!


Expedition BJJ is the city's only Brazilian Jiujitsu academy with a majority emphasis on "Nogi" or Submission Grappling. While we still offer multiple classes in the traditional "Gi" (Kimono/Uniform) per week, we offer the most modern approach to the sport of Brazilian Jiujitsu by adopting this Nogi focus.

Martial arts originated in Japan where the Kimono was the daily attire for everyone. It makes sense that their martial arts included the uniform for the practical purpose it offered.


But we don't live in Feudal Japan anymore.

Our Nogi focus allows us to make the Martial Art more accessible to new students, facilitating movement that comes more naturally to beginners, and keeps with the modern trajectory of the sport, trending towards Nogi. We want you to experience Brazilian Jiujitsu in it's purest form at Expedition BJJ.


Environment like no other!

Training in Brazilian Jiujitsu is challenging so why not train in the cleanest, most aesthetically pleasing, and full service facility possible?


With our premium mat space with sub-floor for added safety, clean change rooms with showers for ladies and men, and a seating area for parents, we're here to be sure your experience with the sport is top tier from beginning to end.


Our modern styled facility is located conveniently just a step off of the Ring Road in either direction, ensuring accessibility from anywhere in the city.

Two Week Free Trial For New Students

In a challenging sport like Brazilian Jiujitsu, finding the right academy can be daunting. We are confident our friendly team atmosphere and clean, aesthetically pleasing facility will be the perfect fit for you to achieve your goals.


To help you decide if our team is the best fit for you, we offer a full two week free trial for all of our programs. There's no reason not to give it a try!


What Do People Say About Us?

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