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Our Facility

Comfortable benches to sit on while waiting for your turn or taking a break

Our Facility

Waiting Area for parents as well as a nice place to relax after class!

View from our changing room area
Outside of the changing rooms - a place to stretch and get ready for class!
Stairs heading from the mats to the changing area
View from the back of the club towards the front

While sitting watching, you have full access to see the mats!

Art on the walls from the Expedition Trips
Expedition at Christmas
Expedition at Christmas
Expedition at Christmas
Fun ladies' only class!
Ladies only!
After a night in the GI
All smiles after class
Mid action - lots of space!
Ladies only instructions!
Children's classes - Small, intimate classes
Smiling even while training!
2 black belts give it their all
Friendly Competition
Who will win this round?
When the camera strikes at the perfect moment
Always learning...
always training...
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