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Learn from those Most Passionate

Our Coaching staff has over 30 years of combined experience teaching and training Brazilian Jiujitsu. Our instructors range in body type from small to large and male to female offering a wide perspective ensuring every student has an instructor that understands their unique physical and mental challenges.

"Jiujitsu is the only martial art that does what is advertised." - Joe Rogan

Brock Nevill

Black Belt and Head Instructor/ Owner of Expedition BJJ

Brock began training Brazilian Jiujitsu in 2006. After undergoing open heart surgery in October 2016, he shifted his focus from his own training to sharing the martial art that changed his life with others, receiving his Black Belt in January 2018, and opening Expedition BJJ in 2019. His experiences competing and training all over the world gave him a genuine love and appreciation for the benefits BJJ can provide anyone willing to take up the art.

Brock can be found leading classes every day at the academy bringing his unique practice design and positive attitude together for fun and engaging classes.


Shayne Landherr

Black Belt/ Lunch Class Instructor

Shayne Landherr began training Brazilian Jiujitsu in 2007.


After only 6 months of training he had lost 50 lbs and accepted his first MMA fight, winning in the first round. Shayne would go on to win three more MMA fights before retiring in 2010.

Since then Shayne has focused primarily on Brazilian Jiujitsu, making it to the podium in every tournament he participated in, and received his Black Belt in 2016. 

Shayne can be found leading all of our lunch classes and takes pride in helping others reach their jiujitsu goals.

Samantha Reid

Blue Belt and Assistant Instructor

Samantha began her jiujitsu journey in January 2020 in our original Ladies’ Only Self Defense program. She quickly caught the “jiujitsu bug” and began training in our sport jiujitsu classes just one month later, and has attended nearly every class since. Sam has become an integral member of our school, assisting with our beginner course, children’s programs, seminars, and even occasionally teaching classes of her own. Sam received her blue belt in July 2022 while partaking in the club’s annual canoe trip. She is passionate about being an ambassador for women at our school, and can be found at the club nearly every day of the week.

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